ReSPR Self Personal Wearable Air Purifier 


ReSPR Self is a portable, personal piece of equipment that creates a bubble of protection for the air you breathe. This device increases the effectiveness of a traditional face mask four times. ReSPR Self produces more than 7 million charged ions in the respiratory zone.
Unlike other personal ionizers which attract particles near or to the respiratory system, ReSPR Self proprietary technology repels particles away and creates an exclusion zone of about 1/2 m³ around the head of the person wearing the Self. ReSPR Self generates a powerful ionic wind, creating a shield that prevents particles from entering the breathing space as opposed to trying to treat the air around the individual, which is a losing battle.

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ReSPR Self Personal Wearable Air Purifier

1. Air Purifying
Helps combat airborne pollutants, including bacteria and viruses by significantly lowering the concentration of airborne contaminants around yourself.
2. Safety Zone
Creates an exclusive safety zone around the head as an extra layer of protection, accompanied with a mask.
3. Energy Efficient
Just 1 hour of intelligent USB charging offers over 24 hours of clean and safe air around your breathing zone.
4. Easy-Use
Light weight, maintenance-free and easily wearable for instant protection, anywhere!

Self is ideal to be worn in any environment, anywhere by you, your staff or your customers:
– Office buildings particularly in small meeting rooms
– Libraries and community centres
– Hospitality venues such as restaurants and cafes
– Public transport and taxis
– Airplane
– Health care facilities
– Education centre

Charging Time : 24-30 hours
Weight : 59 g
Dimension : 5 x 7.5 x 1.9 cm
Maximum temperature of use : 65°C

1. Place your necklace through the necklace clip on the back of your unit.
NOTE: For optimal performance, be sure to use the neck strap instead of attaching the clip to your shirt or pocket. The unit will need to have a centered placement to ensure your breathing space is completely covered.
2. Press the power button on the back of your unit to turn the unit ON and OFF.

1. Place the suppplied mini-USB cable into the charging port on the bottom of the unit and the other end into your wall charger or powered USB port.
2. The power button will light up red when charging and will turn off once the unit is fully charged.

– 1 unit ReSPR Self Personal Wearable Air Purifier
– 1 pcs necklace
– 1 pcs Type C Cable
– 1 owner’s manual

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions9 × 5 × 11 mm


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