ReSPR FLEX Air Sterilizer and Purifier


The FLEX, produced by ReSPR Technologies, is a state-of-the-art air and surface purifier ideal for efficient use in high traffic settings. The convenience of a portable unit requiring no complex installation combined with the effective technology of the FLEX makes this machine the ultimate tool in the effort to reduce odors, smoke, and microorganisms in locations such as schools, airports, restaurants, stores, and other commercial markets.

The FLEX is highly successful in controlling indoor pollution with its purification techniques directed at the removal of contamination within both air and surfaces. Its kill rate on surfaces is up to 99.999%. The technology used in the FLEX is unique in that it combines up to five nature-based technologies to treat indoor air the way nature cleans outdoor air.

The FLEX uses a productive combination of ionization, UV light, hydrogen based friendly oxidisers, and OPTIONAL low level ozone to diminish and prevent unwanted smells, bacteria, viruses, mold, and VOC’s in populated indoor areas.

By choosing the FLEX, you can rest at ease knowing that you are making the extra effort to provide a safer and cleaner environment for your staff and visitors. Setup of the FLEX is effortless and a straightforward process simply plug the purifier into an outlet nearest the source of pollution or the area of highest foot traffic. You can then allow the purifier to discreetly clean your air and surfaces in a safe and reliable manner The quiet performance will not create disruptions or attract attention. Maintenance consists of washing the lint screen filter and replacing the NC cell every two years, making the FLEX both convenient and reliable

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ReSPR FLEX Air Sterilizer and Purifier

NCC Technology applied to ReSPRTECH®. The NCC (Natural Catalytic Converter) Technology uses a UV lamp and a hydrophilic coated metal grid to generate an ionic reaction that generates hydroxyl groups. Our revolutionary and unique technology recreates 5 natural processes from nature for indoor use. The catalytic converter transforms ambient humidity (H2O) into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). NCC Technology was developed to control ethylene, a gas that comes from the maturation of plants, during space missions. The small size of the gas (0.3 micrometers) could not be controlled by any filter except this technology. Scientific tests have shown that the use of ReSPRTECH® air and surface purifiers substantially reduces microbial populations on surfaces. The NCC technology installed in this purifier was successfully tested against the SARS nCOV-2 or CORONAVIRUS, which causes the disease called COVID-19.

ReSPR substantially reduces odors, visible smoke in the air, and microbial population in the environment and on surfaces using NCC Technology. Especially suitable for indoor contamination control.

– Continuous air disinfection
– Continuous surface disinfection
– Savings on cleaning and disinfection products
– Savings on staff-related costs
– Savings on staff absenteeism
– Direct and indirect savings on medicines and labor insurance
– Strengthen the institutional image by taking care of the health of clients and employees
– Prevents fungus formation
– Eliminates bad odors
– Easy installation: plug and play
– Almost no maintenance or cleaning
– Simple, discreet, and silent
– Eliminates viruses, bacteria, and fungi by more than 99.999%

– Houses
– Medical practices and clinics
– Hospital areas and rooms
– Hotels, tourist apartments and restaurants
– Nursing homes

ReSPRTECH® equipment can be installed in any place that has access to electricity, close to the contamination source and/or the place with the highest occupation. Installing the unit is incredibly simple: locate an electrical outlet, plug in the unit and place the unit where the airflow can reach all parts of the room. To use the 120/240-volt power adapter, be sure to place the unit no more than 2 meters away from a power outlet. For safety reasons, it is recommended to avoid using an extension cord.

ReSPR Flex
– Power : 70 watts (120/220 VAC. 50/60 HZ)
– Weight : 16 pounds (7 kilos)
– Dimensions : 12x12x9 inches (31x31x23 centimeters)
– Maximum temperature : 150º F (65ºC)
– Coverage : 150 m² (Up to 279 m² with optimum airflow)

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Weight7 kg
Dimensions310 × 230 × 310 mm


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