Rechargeable Mosquito Racket with LED Flashlight


Rechargeable Mosquito Racket with LED Flashlight

1. High power
– Double speed discharge circuit, instant high-voltage up to 2500V, effective shocks mosquito.
– Push the switch to "OFF" and AC plug out, directly correct with AC110V/220V, take about 8 hours make it charges fully.
2. Additional lighting function
– 1+7pcs led light : super bright, long life & energy saving LED, can be used as mini emergency lamp.
3.Long usage life
– 400 mAh rechargeable super quality battery, can be circularly charged more than 600 times.
– About 10 days for mosquito trap , and about 25 hours for lighting once charge fully.
– Durable frame made from high quality ABS, and superior components mean it works for long time, season after season.
4. Safe & healthy
– Solid 3 layers of net.
– Switch with protection setting , ensure usage safety.
– Different from other chemic anti-mosquito way, no smell and no poison, healthful & ECO-friendly.

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Rechargeable Mosquito Racket with LED Flashlight (2 weeks warranty)

Input Voltage: 110~220V/50Hz
Output Voltage: Up to 2500V
Battery: 400mAh

1. For more safety. Do not press the switch or touch the ourface of net when swatter is in charge.
2. Please do not finger the medium-layer net.
3. Please shake swatter for cleaning off insect carcasses which remain in net. Be sure don't wash it with water, so as to avoid shortcircuit.
4. Children must instruce under adult when use it.

– 1 pcs Rechargeable Mosquito Racket with LED Flashlight

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Dimensions250.00 × 60.00 × 590.00 mm


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