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HARDEX Nano Mist Disinfectant Solution (5L)


HARDEX Nano Mist Disinfectant Solution is a multi-purpose surface disinfectant with a broad-spectrum formulation perfect for spot disinfection or surfaces that need to be sprayed or wiped. With the premium lemongrass scented essential oil, leave a wonderfully refreshing scent while disinfecting.


SCENTPUR Sanitizer Spray 500ml


‘- Contain 70% alcohol denatured
– Formulation kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, fungus and virus
– Rinse free and non-sticky 
– Aloe Vera fragrant
– Suitable for surface disinfectants including but not limited to hard surface, life button panel, door knob, computer and workstation  
– Can also be used to sanitize hands
– SIRIM Certified & Made in Malaysia