STARWAY Electrical Test Pen


Used for test circuits quickly to ensure that the circuits or conductor is live or not guided from indicator bulb. The rated voltage for this tool only for 100V-500V against earth, The metal part on top of the indicator must be touched to operate it and the earthing position of the user largely determines whether it lights up or not.


PHILIPS Master LED Dimmable Candle Bulb E14


Delivering incandescent-like sparkling light effects, MASTER LED candles and lusters are ideal for general and decorative lighting in the hospitality industry as well as in home environments. Mounted in full view in chandeliers, wall scones or modern luminaires, the clear or frosted glass candles and lusters fit all existing fixtures with an E14, B15, B22 or E27 socket, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the chandelier or luminaire both when on and off, with their unique, eye-catching lens design. They produce a beautiful sparkling warm light that delivers huge energy savings and minimizes maintenance cost.


PANASONIC DH-3NDP1MS Jet Pump Digital LCD Display Water Heater


Jet Pump N Series Home Shower (Water Heater) has a luxurious, sleek and elegant design. Its stylish appearance matches most contemporary bathroom design of today and is safe to use for the whole family. The water temperature is maintained by electronic control, which lets you set the temperature with a large LCD panel operation. The Magic Health function relaxes your body and mind so you will have a spa-like shower every day.


PHILIPS Electronic Ballast for TL5 Fluorescent Lamp (EB-Ci 14-28W)


Affordable, reliable, high-frequency electronic ballast for TL5 fluorescent lamps, ideal alternative to electromagnetic fluorescent systems. The cost-saving and reliable EB-C has energy efficiency class A2, and its robust design meets all necessary international standards for safety and EMC. The ballast is primarily designed for indoor application. For outdoor application, the luminaire should be minimum Class Ⅰ and need to be sufficiently protected against water & dust. The installation should also be guard against any lightening surge or any other necessary electrical protection as deemed in such typical installation & application.


PHILIPS Wiz White and Colour LED Strip 2 Meter Starter Kit


Our smart WiZ LED full color strip lets you bring beautiful indirect light into your home. Simply stick the flexible strip to any surface you like – tray ceilings or under cabinets. Starter kit comes with a 2 meter strip light, controller and power driver – no additional equipment required. Can easily be trimmed for customized fit and extended up to 10 meters (extension sold separately). Wi-Fi connected, 16 million colors and adjustable from warm white to daylight.